16th & 17th October


A community platform for South East Asia


re:2020 is an annual 2-day event. It is part of a broader regional community platform called re:MAKE.

re:MAKE is a community platform designed to amplify, connect and empower innovators and change-makers in South East Asia. It provides a way for members to collaborate, share knowledge, inspire each other and build capability in leading practices.

Included in your re:2020 ticket price
re:MAKE community membership for 1 year
  • Participation in the re:MAKE program of activities and networking
  • Access to the re:MAKE resource centre (e.g.  video sessions, workshop materials and localised toolkits)
  • Access to funding for exploratory experiments and collaborative projects
  • Professional development and certification for program activities
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Reinvention is about connecting back to why something exists in the first place. What problem was it originally trying to solve and what purpose did it intend to serve?

Once we understand how and why we got to the current situation, we can reinvent it with intention, integrity and generative value for the future.

Speaker to be announced
Raiyo Nariman
Managing Partner at Serendipity Ventures
Elbert Or
Co-founder of Pushpin

From Ego to Eco

From ego to eco is about examining the role of individual agendas in the context of the broader eco-system. It is a way to understand the potential consequences and impact of ego driven behaviour and motivations.  

We do this so we can explore different points of view, synthesise ideas and find ways to generate multiple forms of value.

Speaker to be announced
Bec Scott
Co-founder and CEO of STREAT

Trajectory Shifting

Trajectory shifting is about actively taking a role in articulating and moving towards a desirable future. It is not a path from A to B, it is a way of acknowledging the complexity of achieving profound systemic change.

Our goal is to benefit not just individuals and stakeholders, but the broader eco-systems they serve and operate within.

Speaker to be announced
Adam Lawrence
Co-author of 'This Is Service Design Doing' & co- founder of the Global Service Jam

Diversity of perspective

We value having a shared understanding and language around empathy, humanity and participation. Actively seeking diverse perspectives is not only desirable, but necessary to realising our ambitions to drive impactful change together.

We champion diversity of gender, ethnicity, culture, thought and expression.

Speaker to be announced

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