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A community platform for South East Asia


re:MAKE is a community platform designed to amplify, connect and empower innovators and change-makers in South East Asia. It provides a way for members to collaborate, share knowledge, inspire each other and build capability in leading practices.

Benefits from joining the community
  • Participation in the re:MAKE program of activities and networking
  • Access to the re:MAKE resource centre (e.g.  video sessions, workshop materials and localised toolkits)
  • Access to funding for exploratory experiments and collaborative projects
  • Professional development and certification for program activities
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SDHK is now re:2020

Explore Past Events

Community programme of events

The annual community programme kicks off each year with re:2020 (re:2021, re:2022 etc). This is followed by re:IMAGINE series of ‘design-a-thon’ sprints that occur over a 6 week period. The sprints are followed by re:INVENT, a series of exploratory pilot projects that community participants can opt into.

Regional Community Platform

  • Hub for leading practices and case studies across the region
  • Invitations to participate in regional collaborations and events
  • Access to community resources, e.g. learning and professional development, workshop materials, videos, frameworks, tool-kits
  • Access to job and career opportunities

Community event

  • Annual event for participants to connect, learn and share experiences

  • Be inspired by leading regional experts, practices and case studies

  • Immersive and Interactive learning experiences and materials
  • Social, networking and entertainment

  • Identify topics and community priorities for the design-a-thons and sprints

Community 'design-a-thons'

March, 2021
  • 5-day design-a-thons / sprints, to experience the application for leading practices in the region
  • Focus on problem space exploration, encouraging multiple parties to contribute / participate / gain insight
  • Members are exposed to innovative practices so they can adapt / apply it in their own organisations
  • Can participate in different ways; as a ‘hands on’ learning experience, skills development, subject matter expert, mentor, or part of the facilitation team
  • Provides the foundation for project briefs for the following stage

Community projects & experiments

March-August, 2021
  • Strategically align with community partners to take action and bring collective community ambitions to life
  • Managing change from head, hands and heart
  • Venture building and sustainable entrepreneurship

Join our partner network

Two types of partnerships available
re:2020 event partners
  • Co-design and deliver localised event content in your city or location
  • Event partner on promotional materials and website
  • Facilitator of local breakout sessions in your city or location
  • Showcase local case studies from your city or location
re:MAKE community partners
  • Co-design and deliver localised content in your city or location
  • Community partner on promotional materials, platform and program materials
  • Facilitator of platform-funded experiments and projects in your city or location
  • Collaborator on platform-funded pilot projects

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